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Chemical industry, production of organic intermediers have been present for decades in region Peremarton and Balatonfuzfo, Hungary. The former manufacturers had been split up. Kemifarm Ltd. was founded in 2007 on these experiences.

Our activities:

  • industrial and scale-up production of chemicals
  • green Chemistry, treatment of hazardous waste
  • basic research work on field of catalytic and heterocyclic chemistry

fooldalWe provide service for companies, institutes follow chemical research and development, pharmaceutical and pesticide industry. We offer our activity for different companies in order to develop chemicals, building blocks from milligram to kilogram scale.

We have had partnerships with many Hungarian and foreign companies since 2005.

Our short-term goals to provide direct, fast and flexible service, in order to keep our partners in satisfaction, and in order to increase the number of our customers. Our long-term aim is to play a significant role in the growth of Hungarian Fine- and heterocyclic chemistry.

We do hope, that You will be our partner in the near future.